Mary Sewell is an artist and painter who works from her studio at Portland Works a former cutlery factory in Sheffield  Her creative practice explores inner and outer spaces.  She uses oils, acrylic, drawing, poetry and mixed media.

“My interest lies in spaces I occupy,  It could be a building or my body. I am inspired not only with what I see, but what I feel and hear.  One of the main themes in my current work is being with the place or space I occupy both externally and internally; connecting my physical environment and personal inner space, like a meditation.  I use both photography and drawing as an integral part of my practice collecting details of shapes, colours, and textures of the environment I occupy. I have been using objects from my direct environment to make marks and allow spontaneous play to emerge. I am inspired by the work of abstract expressionism, exploring gesture, shape, line, light and dark to evoke emotion and movement. This currently gives form to my painting which aims to express that which is dynamic and the movement of where we are now”


In studio feb 2017

In my studio at Portland Works