Mary Sewell is a mixed media artist working from her studio at Portland Works a former cutlery factory in Sheffield She paints sculpts, takes photographs and writes; her creative practice moves shifts and changes with the world around as she explores the juxta position of inner and outer worlds.

“These words start from the ground where it is dark and quiet.”

Only when I give myself space to listen and reflect can I connect with and reveal what is beneath the skin.  Within, our unconscious presides in another world; a world which exists in tandem with everyday life.  Carl Jung describes the collective unconscious as “structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species”.  According to Jung, “the human collective unconscious is populated by instincts and by archetypes

My initial interest lies in the space within which is quiet and where I can breathe and however far away that breath travels and wherever it takes me, this is where I feel at home.   I don’t have a particular way of working and I like to keep an inquiring and open mind.  My process is like a pendulum swinging between the drama of light and dark, chaos and order. My work is often both turbulent and meditative.


In studio feb 2017

In my studio at Portland Works