Mary Sewell is a visual artist working from her studio at Portland Works a former cutlery factory in Sheffield
Mary is currently undertaking a residency, which is self initiated, at Portland Works.  It will culminate in an exhibition –as above so below – from Wednesday 11th-13th September 2019 in the Portland works MakerSpace gallery.
Her practice is an organic and open work structure .  She paints, makes collages, uses text from poems she has written and found objects to experiment with processes and ideas. She is interested in what is hidden, invisible or yet unformed and the relationship between  inner and outer spaces.  Mary’s practice is an exploration into the materials she uses and how the process of making reveals and often transforms the unconscious mind to reveal something of what is beneath the skin.
‘ I believe within, our unconscious presides in another world; a world which exists in tandem with everyday life.  My practice allows me to become absorbed in the moment and here I can inhabit a more mindful state where these two worlds meet’
Instinctively we think; we cannot help it, it is the nature of mind.  The thoughts we have form our world, they come and go weaving stories around our lives and the experiences we have.
Upcoming events
6th December 2019:  Makers Market at Portland Works:  My studio will be open from 3.00-8.00pm
23 November – 4 January 2020.  I will be showing a series of pieces at Symbol Cupola Gallery Sheffield.
11th-13th September 2019.    As above so below:   Solo exhibition of paintings sculpture and written word at Portland Works Maker Space   Opening times  11.00-4.00 pm.