Over the past year I have been researching prehistoric figurines and I’m fascinated by the simplicity and unique forms of these early sculptures. The pieces have close reference to figures found around the world during this time: including Greece, Japan, India, Mexico and Romania.   Below show­­ images of work I made in 2021 and 2022 where I concentrated on hand building sculptures in black and white stoneware.   These are some of the first pieces I have made; I have focused on the form of the figure and feeling the body in the clay as I work.  The surfaces are burnished and smooth and I’ve limited myself using black slip, copper carbonate, and ochre which I sourced from local rivers, to explore the effects this has on the surface.  These pieces are monochrome and unglazed. 

Transforming earth and clay into objects has become a meditation in the energy created from my physical body and body of the material itself.